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So after a busy few months of setting up a framework for our exciting new site , we decided it was about time to get our brand sorted for the mothership company.

HotHead Media needed a wow logo, something that makes it look modern, cool and basically just to get it noticed.

We got in touch with Rogue Design

  • an independent design studio based in the heart of Cheltenham specialising in branding, digital marketing and graphic design.
  • transforms out-dated ideas and brings a contemporary bold edge to any business, brand or concept.
  • works with a wide variety of businesses to design graphic art tailored to suit the needs of each unique client whilst bringing a fresh thinking, #standout approach to every project.

We gave Rogue quite a loose brief. We had already designed the website and just needed a logo to go with the site.  When first concepts came in, immediately the fox stood out.

Here is the result, amazing what Rogue has done.

Why the fox?

Well ginger fox, hothead … you make the link.  Love it.

Keep coming back to our site for the latest news.  Alternatively, find us at Facebook or Twitter and follow us to keep up to date.

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