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The Phoenix

Born again, arising from the ashes of its predecessor.  We are proud to announce that Hot Head Media Ltd is the new name for our company.  After running Cotswold Data Ltd for several years, the board of directors felt the name just didn’t reflect the path the company was going in.  Several new names were suggested, but Hot Head grew as a front favourite quickly.

So who and where did the name come from?

Well our MD Marc Hussey (the founder of Cotswold Data Ltd) was in a meeting with a supplier and customer talking about a possible website solution for them.  When all of a sudden, someone mentioned the elephant in the room.  The elephant being, Marc has ginger hair.  It was then further joked that the name of the company shouldn’t be Cotswold Data Ltd, but Ginger Elephant Ltd.  Marc surprisingly liked the idea of a name change. However looking in to that particular name he thought it was too similar to Pink Elephant.  Not a competitor, but didn’t want to be related.

So the team was set to work on names.

“Ginger Media”, “Ginger Monkey”, “Ginger Designs” … a theme was becoming clear in the name choice.

Then it got more insulting…

“Ginga Media”, “Match Stick Media”, “Ginger Nut Ltd”

But just before Marc put an end to the ginger insults, “Hot Head” was put out there.  The more it was said, the more everyone loved it.
It was put to the vote and it easily won as favourite.

Whats Next?

Now the company has a new name, a new name to go with a new path for the company.
The goal is to build money making websites, something we’ve been doing for others for years, but for ourselves.

Let the fun begin, our first idea is going to be a website called Happy Dog Directory.   Keep a look out for future blogs, we will update on this as we go.

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